Scholarship Opportunities

College Visits:

College Admissions Counselors from a variety of public and private universities will be visiting our campus this fall to meet with interested students. They only visit once each year. They will provide information on the college they represent and share valuable tips on the application process, personal statements, financial aid and scholarships and about college life in general. These sessions are located in the Career Center and are open to all students. THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY ~ TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!! Stay tuned to the bulletin – more colleges will be added. See Ms. Sanders if you have questions.


Check the daily bulletin for current scholarships. Paperwork and applications for scholarships can be found in the career center.

THEWASHBOARD.ORG, complete a student profile and explore scholarship opportunities that match your profile. The service is free and contains no ads or spam. Although most scholarships are aimed at high school seniors, there are scholarship opportunities for all grade levels. Start searching for scholarships TODAY! See Ms. Sanders in the Career Center if you have questions or need help launching your scholarship search.