Responsibility Form

Equipment Responsibility Form

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Photography is a vocational course and is a very hands-on type of class. For this class we use several pieces of equipment. The digital cameras that we have purchased are $600 and the 35mm cameras are around $100. Students are allowed to use these resources but they need to realize that they are responsible for any damage that may happen to them while the camera is checked out to them. This does not mean damage that naturally happens as cameras wear out, but if the camera is damaged due to the neglect of the student, then that student needs to pay for the repairs.

Students are allowed and encouraged to use their own cameras. Digital cameras should have the ability to change the shutter and aperture but for most of the assignments they can use a point and shoot digital camera. The school cameras are for in class use only.

Permission to Leave Campus
This permission slip allows my student to leave campus during photography class. I understand that my student will be making travel arrangements and will not have a faculty person with them. This traveling will allow my student to take pictures of places not on campus. If they are walking to town, they need to have a partner with them for their protection.

My student agrees to return on time, following the road rules and not abuse the trust given them. I understand that the teacher, the administration, or I can remove these privileges if my student fails to follow the guidelines set up by Mr. Heintz. My student will always inform Mr. Heintz of their whereabouts.

We will use REMIND.COM to notify students of any fire drills or lock downs while they are off campus. Link to join the photography class notifications: or text your class code (8fbg3h) to 81010. It's that easy!

You can access the class web site at:
Username: student email
Password: whatever they use on campus for their login

Student Name (Please Print) _______________________________ Date: ______________
Signing this form verifies that you accept the responsibility for the camera and the cost of repairs if needed AND allow your student to leave campus during class. (Both signatures are required to take photography.)

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                  Student                                             Parent/Guardian