Scholarship Opportunities

   I      CLASS OF 2020

Dear Class of 2020,

As we navigate this unprecedented time, I want to help you with steps you can take at home to continue pursuing scholarship opportunities. Below you will find a list of scholarships with links to associated websites and their applications. You can also find many of these opportunities on the Career Center website, which will be updated as I obtain new information. 

I’m happy to announce that I have contacted many of these organizations and they are open to being flexible during this unusual time. Many have extended their deadlines and dropped some requirements to accommodate our precious graduating seniors. Those highlighted in yellow include updated information and extended deadline dates. Because you cannot physically receive this information and applications at school, you will need to take the following steps to acquire the information and apply for scholarships on your own:

  1. Access the scholarship application that is either linked to this email, or on the Career Center website or the scholarship association’s website. 
  2. Read the criteria. If you qualify for the scholarship, read and follow the instructions to apply for the award.
  3. Make a checklist and ensure that you send all the necessary and required information to the scholarship organization. If you need an unofficial transcript, please let me know. Most organizations requesting official transcripts are flexible and will accept unofficial ones.
  4. If a scholarship requires a signature, disregard that information and send your application without it.
  5. Watch your email and check the Career Center website for more opportunities. 
  6. Email me with any questions or help you may need!  

Unfortunately, the circulation of your beautiful scholarship notebooks, to local scholarship donors, has come to a screeching halt.  The good news is I was able to grab all your copy folders before the school shut down. I am working on scanning the information from your folders to distribute to the scholarship committees who are still able to participate. Some are better than none! Many of the scholarship groups still want to award scholarships. I will send the scanned information of students who meet the specific criteria to those groups. 

As you know, when you submit a scholarship notebook, you are asked to provide a copy folder. The folder contains copies of your application, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Most of you did, but not all. If you did not submit a copy folder (you know who you are 😊) you can scan and send those documents to me, and I will get you in the mix. 

The reality is that many scholarship donors in our community feel they cannot participate in the process this year, even when the information is available electronically. Still, I will keep trying to seek out those who can. Many of our community donors are elderly and/or in a high-risk category. We love them and need to watch out for them – we’re all in this together!

Currently, the following list of scholarship opportunities are accepting applications:




  • Merle Kirkley Merit Scholarship Award ~ $3,000.00 for seniors interested in Fields related to educational facility design, which include (but are not limited to):  school planning, architecture, civil/structural/mechanical/electrical engineering, product services, and construction management. Deadline: 6/19/20



  • The 5th Month Scholarship ~ $1,500 scholarship for seniors who plan to attend an accredited post-secondary institution of higher educationDeadline: 5/30/20


  • Sequim Prairie Nights Scholarship ~ For graduating seniors with a 2.5 or better GPA and who plan to pursue an education/training in automotive, construction trade skills or any related vocational field. New Deadline: 4/1/20


  • Mary Whitmore Memorial Scholarship ~ For seniors with a 2.0 or better GPA and who have lived in a non-parent home, dependency guardianship, foster care or any other alternate living situation. New Deadline: 4/1/20




  • Monday Musicale Scholarship ~ For seniors who are talented musicians – instrumental or vocal! Deadline: 3/27/20 Contact Gail McDonald if you’d like an application emailed to you. 360-477-8601


  • Friends of Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge - Maxwell Future of Conservation Award ~ For Sequim High School seniors who are interested in conservation, protection and restoration of our natural environment. Deadline: 3/31/20  New Deadline: 4/14/20 


  • Sequim Valley Lions Club Scholarship ~ For graduating SHS seniors who display honesty and integrity and have provided service to the community. Deadline: 3/31/20  

New Deadline: 5/1/20 

Email completed applications to Gloria Dahlquist

  Sequim Valley Lions Club Student Scholarship ap...

  • Smart Choices Scholarship ~ For seniors with a 3.2 or better GPA and who have participated in a school sport. Apply at Deadline: 4/1/20


Contact Allyne Lawson at: for direction on how to submit art samples.


  • Sequim Association of Realtors Scholarship ~ For graduating SHS seniors who plan to pursue an education/training after high school and intend to return to the Olympic Peninsula to work and live in the future. Deadline: 4/6/20 

New deadline: 5/1/20 Email completed applications to Scott Gordon at or


  • Anne and James Minton Scholarship ~ For seniors with a 2.5 or better GPA and who are a member of a Native American Tribe on the Olympic Peninsula. Deadline: 4/13/20 

Send completed applications to 



  • $1,500 Karen Byrd Memorial Scholarship ~ For Clallam County graduating seniors who plan to attend any college, university or trade school. Deadline: 4/15/20


UPDATE: Questions can be addressed to Bill Hubbard at 360-316-9237

Unofficial transcript can be sent instead of a sealed official transcript 

It is acceptable for your letters of recommendation to be addressed To Whom it May Concern

Send completed application and materials electronically to the email address listed on application



  • UW Paul Wineman Freshman Scholarship ~ For male students who will be incoming freshmen at the University of Washington in the fall. Deadline: 5/1/20

Email Matthew Anglin at for an electronic version of the application


  • Sequim Sunrise Rotary Scholarships ~ Several AWESOME scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors pursuing any post-high school education or training program. Deadline: 5/1/20


  • Meyers Foundation $1,000 Scholarship ~ For Sequim High School graduating female seniors who plan to pursue an education in the physical sciences, engineering and/or math. Deadline: 5/4/20 

Email completed application to Art Meyer at


  • B Davis Scholarship ~ For Juniors & Seniors planning to pursue a post-high school education. Deadline: 5/22/20



  • If you are a current or former USA BMX member and racer, email Ms. Sanders ASAP. There is a $500 scholarship available for you!!!
  • The Washboard is a FREE scholarship clearinghouse. Need $$$ for college? Go to the WWW.THEWASHBOARD.ORG, complete a student profile today!! Explore scholarship opportunities that match your profile. The service is free and contains no ads or spam. 


Also, please inform me of ANY scholarships you receive. This includes merit scholarships and need-based financial aid awards from the college you’ll be attending. And while a Scholarship Awards Ceremony does not look likely for this year, we still want to celebrate you and brag to the newspapers about our awesome Class of 2020 seniors! You deserve the recognition, so keep me posted!


No matter if you will be attending a 4-yr public, private or 2-yr community/vocational/technical college in the fall, check your school’s website for updates. Most colleges have made accommodations and/or adjustments to their registration process for incoming freshmen. Many have made SAT/ACT test scores optional for admission applications considering this unprecedented situation we’re facing. Some are waiving registration fees, deferring housing deposits and extending deadline dates.

 If you have an email account with your college, check it often as this situation is very fluid and changes/updates are happening daily. If you have a situation needing assistance or have questions regarding your next steps, call or send an email to the admissions office. Don’t be afraid to ask for additional time or assistance to complete the necessary steps in your college admission process. They want to help you.

Email Ms. Sanders if you need help with this.


College and University Updates
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