Photography Class

Photography Classes
  • Semester One - Getting Started 
    This class is an introduction to photography. We will focus on basic controls of the digital SLR camera. We will also work with the composition rules of photography. Basic file formatting and some introductory correctional techniques in Photoshop along with work in InDesign will finish this first semester class. There is no prerequisite for this class.
  • Semester Two - Beyond the Basics 
    This class builds on the concepts discussed in Semester One. We will focus on the photography triad - ISO, shutter speed and aperture. In addition, we will explore other art apects such as line, form and shape.You must finish Semester One before you can take Semester Two.
  • Semester Three - Working with Light 
    This course builds upon the first two semesters and prepares students to compete with other high school photography students. We will work with "hot" lights and portraiture. 

  • Semester Four - 35mm Cameras 
    In addition to digital assignments, this class takes students into the film and darkroom realm. Students will develop their own film and prints. 

  • Other Semesters - Advanced Studies 
    These will be by approval of the teacher. Once a student has completed the first four semester, they can go even deeper into photography and the history and techniques of the master photographers.
In our Class we work with Nikon and Canon SLR Cameras. Students are allowed/encouraged to have their own cameras but there are cameras available for in school use. I do NOT check these cameras out for after school use. We use CANVAS for all of my classes.